Kalmet Investments Limited

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The hosted servers are located in Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha within Czech Republic which resides on the RIPE Network Coordination Centre network.
EuroDNS S.A. (R1721-LROR)

Server location:
Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic (CZ)

AS43355 UPL-TELECOM-AS UPL Telecom s.r.o.

Root domain:

The domain has been seen to resolve to the following IP address.
March 14, 2014

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SSL certificate subject:
CN=*, OU=PremiumSSL Wildcard, O=KALMET INVESTMENTS LIMITED, STREET=1312 Victoria, L=Mahe, S=Mahe, C=SC

SSL certificate issuer:
CN=COMODO High-Assurance Secure Server CA, O=COMODO CA Limited, L=Salford, S=Greater Manchester, C=GB

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