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Server location:
Noord-Holland, Netherlands (NL)

AS3265 XS4ALL-NL XS4ALL Internet BV,NL

Root domain:

The domain www.fluency.nl has been seen to resolve to the following IP address.

May 18, 2014

File downloads found at URLs served by www.fluency.nl.

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http://www.fluency.nl/.../FluencySetup80.exe  (2ac1d8805872253d0d1d18e8e5d2d8ca)

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http://www.fluency.nl/.../FluencySetup80.exe  (d181efdcff7acb4bee215d9e7bdfd8a0)

2 / 68
http://www.fluency.nl/.../SpikaSetup.exe  (794e68ef9b16b3892f25f16914cfc37a)

The following 3 files have been seen to comunicate with www.fluency.nl in live environments.