Name: Network Information Center Mexico SC

Domain Information

The hosted servers are located in Atlanta, Georgia within the United States which resides on the Peer 1 Dedicated Hosting network.
Registry .MX

Server location:
Georgia, United States (US)

Root domain:

The domain www.winstondata.com.mx has been seen to resolve to the following IP address.

February 8, 2014

File downloads found at URLs served by www.winstondata.com.mx.

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https://www.winstondata.com.mx/.../WinFingerX2_x64.exe  (c0e756ceaf96dc5d2e37fe68948fd744)

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https://www.winstondata.com.mx/.../WMPrintManager.exe  (f20f77151044e141fd3028517d55c92d)

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https://www.winstondata.com.mx/.../WinFingerXvm.exe  (c5958d1213b65d132636bf07c7cd8923)

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https://www.winstondata.com.mx/.../WinFingerX2_x86.exe  (12a4592cd12b964e1fd353ccd9798a33)


SSL certificate subject:
CN=www.winstondata.com.mx, OU=Domain Control Validated - QuickSSL(R) Premium, OU=See www.geotrust.com/resources/cps (c)13, OU=GT27095104, SERIALNUMBER=OnxHCsmx7LgywBdTHSS4Jj-p7esyqq69

SSL certificate issuer:
CN=GeoTrust DV SSL CA, OU=Domain Validated SSL, O=GeoTrust Inc., C=US

Web server:
Microsoft-IIS/7.5 (ASP.NET)