Publisher Information

89 is a software publisher located in Kanata, Ontario in Canada*. There is one additional code signing certificate issued to this publisher.
Mitel Networks Corporation

Valid from:
1/17/2008 5:10:20 AM

Valid to:
1/17/2033 6:10:20 AM

CN=CUS_ALL_IP_PHONES R, CN=SS_ALLOW_XML_ONBOARD true, CN=89045, CN=Integrated Office Companion, CN=, E=support@ingeniussoftware.com, OU=Mitel Custom Applications, L=Kanata, S=Ontario, C=CA, O=89, O=Mitel Networks Corp.

E=misn_support@mitel.com, CN=Mitel Networks APIs CA, OU=APIs, O=Mitel Networks Corporation, L=Ottawa, S=Ontario, C=CA

Serial number:

No known positive detections

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ucexpress.exe (Connector by InGenius Software)  (1bb33ad223dc5766d9d7708c9ccef60f)

0 / 68
ucexpress.exe (Connector by InGenius Software)  (dc9901da00c7cd0ad77105e87b7c17ea)

0 / 68
Connector.exe (Connector by InGenius Software)  (0cf04f5c25212b5bf21859b86237bb6a)

0 / 68
TMUninstall.exe (TinyMiner Uninstall by VanGogh Gaming)  (ee5651b84be40ccd8f6a100c447281ad)

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ucexpress.exe (Connector by InGenius Software)  (24ef4457aa0f035a45ad0bb93a151a48)

0 / 68
Connector.exe (Connector by InGenius Software)  (6c51a322bcd66a55b58a1b46120143c3)

The following certificate is also signed by 89.

00E6  (Apr 21, 2006 to Apr 21, 2031)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to 89 by Mitel Networks Corporation on January 17, 2008 with the serial number '0159'.