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Aleksandr Mordovin is a software publisher located in Saint-Petersburg City, Saint Petersburg City in Russia*.
StartCom Ltd.

Valid from:
3/29/2012 3:25:08 AM

Valid to:
3/30/2014 4:39:17 AM

Subject:, CN=Aleksandr Mordovin, L=Saint-Petersburg City, S=Saint Petersburg City, C=RU, Description=ZCGI0DnwLMBa4STa

CN=StartCom Class 2 Primary Intermediate Object CA, OU=Secure Digital Certificate Signing, O=StartCom Ltd., C=IL

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geeteedeeportable.exe (GeeTeeDee by Codea)  (e618a4aa02d0bbf4af8dc8492c1a3c90)

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geeteedee-0.2.400-win32.exe (GeeTeeDee by Codea)  (2fa7550594ca3e70a86b397ca2ec5b15)

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geeteedee-0.2.642-win32.exe (GeeTeeDee by Codea)  (00f1672f2acb42fa28d34f311ed8aaad)

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geeteedeeportable.exe (GeeTeeDee by Codea)  (b44d69fa7c4cf38c92272d8479c5e346)

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GeeTeeDee.exe (GeeTeeDee by Codea)  (5a9c8e19df8ee1a39a99428f4fd41779)

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geeteedee-0.2.474-win32.exe (GeeTeeDee by Codea)  (596e277e1dc9cf53de011d73c866b05f)

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GeeTeeDee.exe (GeeTeeDee by Codea)  (34026a8aeccf6dbc4a701ba62ddd8460)

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GeeTeeDee.exe (GeeTeeDee by Codea)  (f2efebc1fc36bb23cebf154febd5d870)

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* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Aleksandr Mordovin by StartCom Ltd. on March 29, 2012 with the serial number '05ab'.