DATEX Computersysteme Karlsruhe GmbH

Publisher Information

DATEX Computersysteme Karlsruhe GmbH is a software publisher located in Germany*.
A-Trust Ges. f. Sicherheitssysteme im elektr. Datenverkehr GmbH

Valid from:
7/26/2006 4:15:11 PM

Valid to:
7/26/2009 4:15:11 PM

Subject:, SERIALNUMBER=111081539012, CN=DATEX Computersysteme Karlsruhe GmbH, C=DE

CN=a-sign-developer-02, OU=a-sign-developer-02, O=A-Trust Ges. f. Sicherheitssysteme im elektr. Datenverkehr GmbH, C=AT

Serial number:

No known positive detections

0 / 68
dtxWinHook.dll (dtxWinHook by DATEX GmbH)  (f4e698a574049392194d420e4c4e59ea)

0 / 68
dtxThumbs.dll (dtxThumbs by DATEX GmbH Karlsruhe)  (e0c51b1fa31f0de34763be749913d121)

0 / 68
dtxCorLib.dll (VB.EXT: VBCorLib 2.1 by DATEX GmbH)  (f3b6b92ec544f3f5467e5d52c6828fd3)

0 / 68
dtxAppCore.dll (dtxAppCore by Datex GmbH)  (5d1da863780ca0979aa122d880c96c6d)

0 / 68
CRUFLAmadeus.dll (AMADEUS V8 by DATEX GmbH Karlsruhe)  (cdedc07ea502e920742c21d0f22e7914)

0 / 68
amaSettings.dll (AMADEUS XP by DATEX GmbH Karlstruhe)  (bdc58253a0c05c3c035ea15f9dd55692)

0 / 68
amaDokMan.dll (AMADEUS XP by DATEX GmbH Karlsruhe)  (4930da71248145debe9bda3120a5f3ec)

0 / 68
a2ffSync.dll (AMADEUS V8 by DATEX GmbH)  (b9cf0d2bb58ffb8105b724ed7b9e630c)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to DATEX Computersysteme Karlsruhe GmbH by A-Trust Ges. f. Sicherheitssysteme im elektr. Datenverkehr GmbH on July 26, 2006 with the serial number '025b5a'.