Digital Worlds J.S.C.

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Digital Worlds J.S.C. is a software developer located in Moscow, Mr in Russia*.
Thawte, Inc.

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9/16/2013 3:00:00 AM

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9/17/2014 2:59:59 AM

CN=Digital Worlds J.S.C., O=Digital Worlds J.S.C., L=Moscow, S=MR, C=RU

CN=Thawte Code Signing CA - G2, O="Thawte, Inc.", C=US

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alvegia.exe (Alvegia Online by JSC Digital Worlds)  (f37868604ef0127416bab31ccdee9c06)

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alvegia.exe (Alvegia Online by JSC Digital Worlds)  (be1dad987558ae25c082a49b4461d616)

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alvegia.exe (Alvegia Online by JSC Digital Worlds)  (48b8344fedd3e5213f0dbdf83401298c)

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alvegia.exe (Alvegia Online by JSC Digital Worlds)  (52fc507118ed6b13663b9ac9f77f40d1)

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alvegia.exe (Alvegia Online by JSC Digital Worlds)  (36e2dcf790778183b42f55a195e0182b)

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install_alvegia_online.exe  (d76797c97dae046ffa729abfa30cb1ea)

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install_alvegia_online.exe  (5d645020302a36a12c43df5f39f0f593)

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* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Digital Worlds J.S.C. by Thawte, Inc. on September 16, 2013 with the serial number '3488d136fcbc308ea2a871545309c2aa'.