Emmanouil Kanellopoulos

Publisher Information

Emmanouil Kanellopoulos is a software developer located in Athens, Attika in Greece*. There is one additional code signing certificate issued to this publisher.

Valid from:
10/1/2007 2:00:00 AM

Valid to:
10/1/2008 1:59:59 AM

CN=Emmanouil Kanellopoulos, O=Emmanouil Kanellopoulos, STREET=2-4 Arkoleon str., L=Athens, S=Attika, PostalCode=10445, C=GR

CN=UTN-USERFirst-Object, OU=http://www.usertrust.com, O=The USERTRUST Network, L=Salt Lake City, S=UT, C=US

Serial number:

No known positive detections

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sdeditor2.exe (SDEditor Application by medisoft.gr)  (88cdc25462b316108759396d078eee5c)

0 / 68
MDIRViewer.exe (MDIRViewer by medisoft.gr)  (ecffb00c89f45e6253876d95b75936a1)

0 / 68
MDIRViewer.exe (MDIRViewer by Santesoft)  (9052a04bb5cafc7ec341a2c78184af1f)

0 / 68
SDViewerEDU.exe (SDViewer EDU Application by Santesoft)  (aa438057331856648b3c9697175407ee)

0 / 68
sdviewerfree.msi  (cf4740b4fe8c7a00aee8bdfb6850f927)

0 / 68
SDViewerFREE.exe (Sante DICOM Viewer FREE by Santesoft)  (b22c134d0aa4afa01a04ca864237dfb7)

0 / 68
SDViewerFREE.exe (Sante DICOM Viewer FREE by Santesoft)  (53d9e9d48a35cc36a9fe076ae0b10c4f)

0 / 68
SDViewerFREE.exe (Sante DICOM Viewer FREE by Santesoft)  (4183ff0df1e78c558b2b73bf9858296a)

0 / 68
SDViewerEDU.exe (SDViewer EDU Application by medisoft.gr)  (39d6d38dc1ee8856608e5da64b6aa5ea)

The following certificate is also signed by Emmanouil Kanellopoulos.

009EEB27D6DA05D0C6B803F89C2FDD3398  (Oct 11, 2008 to Oct 12, 2009)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Emmanouil Kanellopoulos by The USERTRUST Network on October 01, 2007 with the serial number '3c7a73ecfa214948b2694ec9b8feb4c2'.