HEITKER Informationssysteme fuer Architekten GmbH

Publisher Information

HEITKER Informationssysteme fuer Architekten GmbH is a software developer located in Germany*. Thre are 2 additional code signing certificates issued to this publisher.
GlobalSign nv-sa

Valid from:
3/2/2007 12:39:17 PM

Valid to:
3/2/2010 12:39:17 PM

E=info@heitker.de, CN=HEITKER Informationssysteme fuer Architekten GmbH, O=HEITKER Informationssysteme fuer Architekten GmbH, C=DE

CN=GlobalSign ObjectSign CA, OU=ObjectSign CA, O=GlobalSign nv-sa, C=BE

Serial number:

No known positive detections

0 / 68
BietPr32.exe (ASBwin by HEITKER GmbH)  (e36fa5d4f14270cdd2e2bf8138899224)

0 / 68
tutil32.dll (by Borland International)  (ae539d860877e3db8f6d85f17855b972)

0 / 68
ssleay32.dll  (1b7f56175fd058ff4217153d000e0508)

0 / 68
libeay32.dll  (976a9f7b8555117aff7f1957c13ceb03)

0 / 68
setup.exe (BDE by HEITKER GmbH)  (809889513490f667ce44b3bf71e4015b)

0 / 68
Pdxrbld.exe (Pdxrbld by RK Solution)  (21ea44dbe7e67bafebb408b374ace59e)

0 / 68
asb12probe.msi  (65a61f3e81b3038f2c0909e327952804)

The certificates below are also signed by HEITKER Informationssysteme fuer Architekten GmbH.

1121F876C5AC8F191AC5400D977EE374F492  (Dec 07, 2012 to Mar 07, 2016)

01000000000126FF7C1F8E  (Feb 24, 2010 to Feb 24, 2013)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to HEITKER Informationssysteme fuer Architekten GmbH by GlobalSign nv-sa on March 02, 2007 with the serial number '01000000000111127260ac'.