MakerBot Industries, LLC

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MakerBot Industries, LLC is a software publisher located in Brooklyn, New York in the United States*. Thre are 5 additional code signing certificates issued to this publisher.
DigiCert Inc

Valid from:
10/2/2013 2:00:00 AM

Valid to:
11/6/2014 1:00:00 PM

CN="MakerBot Industries, LLC", O="MakerBot Industries, LLC", L=Brooklyn, S=New York, C=US, PostalCode=11217, STREET=87 Third Avenue, SERIALNUMBER=3764645, OID. York, OID., OID. Organization

CN=DigiCert EV Code Signing CA,, O=DigiCert Inc, C=US

Serial number:

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0 / 68 (MakerWare by MakerBot)  (e33790f1a1cb522e42a82a567d9adccf)

0 / 68 (MakerWare by MakerBot)  (59692452743d04c09fe969fc67bd4ff5)

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0 / 68  (makerware_bundle_of_awesome_2.4.1.24_x64.exe)

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The certificates below are also signed by MakerBot Industries, LLC.

03E23E6554524F9751DA7860226125ED  (Dec 15, 2015 to Dec 18, 2018)

5D56DEA42F0DE4046AD1663310135505  (Apr 18, 2014 to Jun 17, 2016)

0B64F99A4BCD78ECC26CEDF154A2194B  (Sep 30, 2014 to Dec 11, 2015)

7336A284AF7698098820AD85C8C61473  (May 20, 2013 to May 21, 2014)

01364C0E9890831F8F0CC8987659AB4C  (Oct 08, 2012 to Oct 17, 2013)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to MakerBot Industries, LLC by DigiCert Inc on October 02, 2013 with the serial number '0b4cab0854806556f050bcf6c61411d6'.