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Max Secure Software is a software developer located in Pune, Mh in India*. A majority of the programs developed by the company can be classified as adware or other potentially unwanted programs. Thre are 2 additional code signing certificates issued to this publisher.
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Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

Valid from:
1/15/2007 3:03:09 PM

Valid to:
1/10/2008 12:04:12 PM

CN=Max Secure Software, OU=Max Secure Software, O=Max Secure Software, L=Pune, S=MH, C=IN

CN=Thawte Code Signing CA, O=Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd., C=ZA

Serial number:

Scanner detections:
Detections  (62% detected)

Scan engine

Reason Heuristics
PUP.MaxSecure.Optional.Meta (L), PUP.MaxSecure.Optional.Installer.Meta (L)

Vba32 AntiVirus

Heuristic: Suspicious Self Modifying File

IKARUS anti.virus

1 / 68      (PUP)
spywaredetectorb.exe (by Max Secure Software)  (1d630c99a2ed0529bd02cf1b49399e19)

1 / 68      (PUP)
TrayPopUp.exe (Spyware Detector by Max Secure Software)  (08e2cd43af9105490148fbb49ddeec9d)

1 / 68
CheckProxy.exe (AnonySurf by Max PC Secure)  (80f0f0674229d75d25d525e720b2edb6)

1 / 68      (PUP)
SDService.exe (SpywareDetector by Max Secure Software)  (9b5a3c179a7c883610d50f207ff18f66)

1 / 68      (PUP)
maxregistrycleanerux64.exe (by Max Secure Software)  (aaa5cb973d3c63ad6e019c3011b58a79)

3 / 68      (PUP)
maxregistrycleaner.exe (by Max Secure Software)  (e0fb984225639d479615e732ae9ddaa4)

2 / 68      (PUP)

1 / 68      (PUP)

1 / 68      (PUP)
CloseAll.exe (Registry Cleaner by Max Secure Software)  (8620a30fba370d523c05c46a91e5d8d6)

The certificates below are also signed by Max Secure Software.

47B878B835A406D31B4C2E17C1097FD7  (Jan 25, 2008 to Jan 09, 2009)

0516D537F962944EEBAAD36EE0A17FAE  (Jan 10, 2006 to Jan 10, 2007)

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* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Max Secure Software by Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd. on January 15, 2007 with the serial number '2c7b06ae93d02cbe8e46b83dcf91d2b7'.