medavis GmbH

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medavis GmbH is a software publisher located in Karlsruhe, Bw in Germany*. There is one additional code signing certificate issued to this publisher.
medavis GmbH

Valid from:
6/24/2010 10:26:46 AM

Valid to:
6/23/2021 10:26:46 AM

Subject:, CN=medavis GmbH, L=Karlsruhe, S=BW, OU=medavis Karlsruhe, O=medavis GmbH, C=DE

Issuer:, CN="medavis GmbH, Germany", L=Karlsruhe, S=BW, OU=medavis Germany, O=medavis GmbH, C=DE

Serial number:

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medavisruntool.exe (medavis RunTool by medavis GmbH)  (a2e95ca86f9386950f71b5992c7932ee)

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medavisruntool.exe (MedavisRunTool by medavis GmbH)  (b867841ed67dbc7651c55a209140b2b1)

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agentapplication.exe (by medavis GmbH)  (1ba52aab756cfaf899b6c85e1fa8d277)

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AgentService.exe (AgentService.exe by medavis GmbH)  (1ae7c40df2aff0eea71ae54a044d72ee)

The following certificate is also signed by medavis GmbH.

5EB9A0AEBF366B48A20FF1AB081BA55B  (Dec 20, 2010 to Dec 20, 2012)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to medavis GmbH by medavis GmbH on June 24, 2010 with the serial number '00b23a3beed5831aff'.