Nico Cuppen Software

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Nico Cuppen Software is a software publisher located in Haarlem, Noord-Holland in Netherlands*. Thre are 2 additional code signing certificates issued to this publisher.

Valid from:
8/24/2011 2:00:00 AM

Valid to:
8/24/2012 1:59:59 AM

CN=Nico Cuppen Software, O=Nico Cuppen Software, STREET=Pijnboomstraat 39, L=Haarlem, S=Noord-Holland, PostalCode=2023 VN, C=NL

CN=COMODO Code Signing CA, O=COMODO CA Limited, L=Salford, S=Greater Manchester, C=GB

Serial number:

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Scan2PDF.EXE (Scan2PDF by Nico Cuppen Software)  (da4df82755b7f5911975686f574c0e87)

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sp.exe (Scan2PDF by Nico Cuppen Software)  (f96e29f05bd322a763e26d7006100677)

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update.exe (Photocopier Pro by Nico Cuppen Software)  (3da40238881d6e918b95aef745550bc5)

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Scan2PDF.EXE (Scan2PDF by Nico Cuppen Software)  (eeac62d726d1ec6c3ebf23aa9f284d28)

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fm.exe (Fax Machine by Nico Cuppen Software)  (9f1e472aa65a50a1bf73eed550fbc395)

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Faxmach.exe (Fax Machine by Nico Cuppen Software)  (9255b87776c60b212fd4eaef7c0dac45)

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COPIER.EXE (Photocopier Pro by Nico Cuppen Software)  (17c68b92fd0e5a5ca584025029e2407e)

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cppro.exe (Photocopier Pro by Nico Cuppen Software)  (109299dac38f3ab170e7fe9b9aabe4a8)

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COPIER.EXE (Photocopier Pro by Nico Cuppen Software)  (a4ed55453eabd10a2348a07b2fc4284d)

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0 / 68  (109299dac38f3ab170e7fe9b9aabe4a8)

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The certificates below are also signed by Nico Cuppen Software.

206B7AC91CF4B58B46B7DF930FAD1847  (Aug 18, 2010 to Aug 19, 2011)

2F02F95A94041105F0A20F57BE8E7116  (Sep 10, 2009 to Sep 11, 2010)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Nico Cuppen Software by COMODO CA Limited on August 24, 2011 with the serial number '009261eff6d0a12e70e0d8fbb03ec68660'.