Suiche Matthieu Bapthiste

Publisher Information

Suiche Matthieu Bapthiste is a software developer located in NAUROY, Picardie in France*. There is one additional code signing certificate issued to this publisher.
GlobalSign nv-sa

Valid from:
8/12/2009 11:23:43 AM

Valid to:
8/13/2010 11:23:41 AM

Subject:, CN=Suiche Matthieu Bapthiste, O=Suiche Matthieu Bapthiste, L=NAUROY, S=Picardie, C=FR

CN=GlobalSign ObjectSign CA, OU=ObjectSign CA, O=GlobalSign nv-sa, C=BE

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win64dd.exe  (c71e593c200cad8abcc4466b8662f8ac)

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win64dd.sys  (d02502510331cabe96993508c6f6edbb)

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win32dd.sys  (fce773d6c5493a411379b55987bc8b42)

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win32dd.exe  (731bef47403066f24fd009045c343f01)

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win64dd.exe  (f6b0e0c4492034fa6ccafddd59d2dc67)

The following certificate is also signed by Suiche Matthieu Bapthiste.

01000000000127D8E87F79  (Apr 07, 2010 to Apr 08, 2011)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Suiche Matthieu Bapthiste by GlobalSign nv-sa on August 12, 2009 with the serial number '010000000001230f65a5cc'.