Tilon Co.,Ltd

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Tilon Co.,Ltd is a software developer located in Guro-Gu, Seoul in Korea*. There is one additional code signing certificate issued to this publisher.
Thawte, Inc.

Valid from:
6/14/2011 9:00:00 AM

Valid to:
7/14/2013 8:59:59 AM

CN="Tilon Co.,Ltd", O="Tilon Co.,Ltd", L=Guro-Gu, S=Seoul, C=KR

CN=Thawte Code Signing CA - G2, O="Thawte, Inc.", C=US

Serial number:

No known positive detections

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smartbizos.exe (InstallShield by Acresso Software)  (2e68dfffc53d009387cfd015d6b81fca)

0 / 68
AccordS.exe (Tilon Shell Package by TLON Technology)  (3b5d4c410355b61beaa5ff58ecc3a345)

0 / 68
SmartBizOSInterface.ocx (Smart BizOS by TILON Technology)  (45fecc199b2212e70b599d4e7f4cd007)

0 / 68
AccordClient.exe (AccordClient by TILON Technology)  (8cf06ad760965aa6f8b2c0c38aca929a)

0 / 68
ASSInterface.ocx (Astation by TILON Technology)  (d864fa13e16499a364d21a464fd8bde0)

The following certificate is also signed by Tilon Co.,Ltd.

2BD216A42B8A695A5DD91770C681549A  (Jun 01, 2014 to Jun 02, 2015)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Tilon Co.,Ltd by Thawte, Inc. on June 14, 2011 with the serial number '07d8b9180964b545b4d5b3f43695387e'.