Usability Sciences Corporation

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Usability Sciences Corporation is a software publisher located in Irving, Texas in the United States*. Thre are 2 additional code signing certificates issued to this publisher.
VeriSign, Inc.

Valid from:
3/17/2008 8:00:00 PM

Valid to:
4/8/2011 7:59:59 PM

CN=Usability Sciences Corporation, OU=Digital ID Class 3 - Microsoft Software Validation v2, O=Usability Sciences Corporation, L=Irving, S=Texas, C=US

CN=VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2004 CA, OU=Terms of use at (c)04, OU=VeriSign Trust Network, O="VeriSign, Inc.", C=US

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WebIQEngine.dll (WebIQ by Usability Sciences)  (e11b75195d10e6191311e3a60d05c29a)

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WebIQEngine.dll (WebIQ by Usability Sciences)  (79624a908c3e1d48271fec65198b0e3c)

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webiqenginesetup.exe  (c236a5a29fa1e9697734a14b2d859be9)

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WebIQEngine.dll (WebIQ by Usability Sciences)  (c3f1042dc3f49139737ec7a0cc6f5dc1)

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WebIQEngine.dll (WebIQ by Usability Sciences)  (7e5a27b9e037c34476d7b5c28564b08f)

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WebIQEngine.dll (WebIQ by Usability Sciences)  (2ac45d01bd5dac3ce2a07b2e8fc560a0)

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webiqenginesetup.exe  (73997ec825f6438baf8aed1b90532932)

The certificates below are also signed by Usability Sciences Corporation.

66505CDC9B9D0F6C891B9B5EB0ED2037  (Feb 22, 2011 to Apr 07, 2014)

31ED7CD8C43B1ED4A6F87208DFE02F8A  (Mar 28, 2006 to Apr 09, 2008)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Usability Sciences Corporation by VeriSign, Inc. on March 17, 2008 with the serial number '4f223a5d09352387254a7dd388955aba'.