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Pro IT is a software publisher located in Ostrava - Vítkovice, Mirova 166/23 in Czech Republic*.
Pro IT

Valid from:
3/27/2007 10:39:47 AM

Valid to:
3/24/2017 9:39:47 AM

Subject:, CN=Martin Cermak, OU=PTO, O=Pro IT, L=Ostrava - Vítkovice, S=Mirova 166/23, C=CZ

Issuer:, CN=Pro IT CA, O=Pro IT, L=Ostrava, S=" ", C=CZ

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No known positive detections

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Signform.dll (Sign HTML Form by Pro IT, a.s)  (4d394bd6145fb0b09d47d8a122ec2aa2)

0 / 68
IDECARD.exe (IDECard by IDENTA Ausweissysteme GmbH)  (101c9cb5c88c919757661a4b931ff898)

0 / 68
aqprogram.dll  (744001a02a9c3ad0036f55c4913f9ed9)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Pro IT by Pro IT on March 27, 2007 with the serial number '0121'.