Wins Technet. Co., Ltd.

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Wins Technet. Co., Ltd. is a software developer located in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-Do in Korea*.
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7/5/2012 10:46:49 AM

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8/20/2014 3:20:17 PM

CN="Wins Technet. Co., Ltd.", OU=DevTeam, O="Wins Technet. Co., Ltd.", L=Seongnam-si, S=Gyeonggi-do, C=KR

CN=GlobalSign CodeSigning CA - G2, O=GlobalSign nv-sa, C=BE

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sniperscanpkg.exe  (1cd2a6243e9fbe253926e4d24024273f)

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sniperxloader.exe (by Wins Co.)  (9e24957fb3f38fe30efcaaa5305c0a5a)

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sniperxloader.exe (by WinsTechnet Co.)  (68dbcd83ed84bf30157d64328dfcc8f8)

* Note, the details and description above are based on the code signing digital signature issued to Wins Technet. Co., Ltd. by GlobalSign nv-sa on July 05, 2012 with the serial number '112169e4d6ffcd4c9d685c68ddd76f9ca67e'.