Is there anynews about updates and stuff?

I installed the herdProtect software and its awesome, it found 9 more viruses that my anti-virus didnt found. I wanted to ask if there is any ETA for real time protection, and if there are any updates coming soon. 
Thank you! :P 
Asked Dec 13 '14 at 5:20
I downloaded both the setup and portable last year sometime and noticed the version then the .exe file was v3.0.3.5. Today we downloaded it and find its updated to v3.0.3.9. Moving forward, I think they just update it without notifying users just to keep things simple. Its going to do the same scanning, protecting etc.. whatever version of herdprotect we use. - Ferhat Yildirim 71 months ago
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I don't think this adequately answers the question(s) asked, one, when are we going to get "real-time" protection, which is really quite important, and also, I would like to ask, would there be any benefit in my removing my older version and re-installing the latest version?

This is an amazing utility which continues to find and help me remove some very serious malware, such as the very highly rated YAC "Yet Another Cleaner" which I downloaded from a supposedly reputable site which helped me infect my machine very seriously, and nothing could remove this monster from my PC except for Herd!

Thank you, everyone at Herd Protect!
Answered Dec 26 '14 at 14:32
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As of today (Jan. 14, 2015) on the herdProtect download page, the development timeline on the left-hand side of the page still shows real-time protection as in development and slated for some future release.  But the release estimate of fourth quarter of 2014 obviously isn't right, since we're past that point now.

I strongly suspect that once real-time protection is present in the latest version, the download page will be updated to show it as present in the current build, and the future development section will have something else listed instead.

On that basis, I do not believe that the current version has real-time protection yet.  However, sometimes software can be updated and web site information isn't kept up as well as it should be (not necessarily here at herdProtect, but in general this can sometimes happen).  So if you really want to be sure, then go ahead and download the latest version and install it to see if real-time protection is there or not.

If you download the newest one and it does have real-time protection, please come back and post here to let us all know.

Good luck,
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Answered Jan 14 '15 at 14:27
Update: I just downloaded and installed the latest version (was released Dec. 18, 2014). As of this version, real-time protection is not yet present in the build. - Drake Phoenix 70 months ago
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