Why does HerdProtect always get stuck in the middle of scanning the "Program Data" folder?


whenever I run a scan with Herd Protect (already tried several versions both portable and installed), it gets stuck in the same phase of the scan: "Scanning Criticals", scanning the folder "C:\ProgramData\Anwednungsdaten\..."

N.B. "Anwendungsdateien" is just the German localised name for "Application Data".

The exact problem seems to be, that there is a 'recursion', 'loop' or some kind of 'maze' in this folder in which there is huge chain of "Anwendungsdaten"-Folders containing each other, so that the scanned path reads something like: "C:\ProgramData\Anwendungsdaten\Anwendungsdaten\Anwendungsdaten\Appliction Data\Anwendungsdaten\Anwendungsdaten\[Folder of Application]\[actual file being scanned]". This results in the scan never finishing, even a marathon of 3 days scanning once hasn't done it, it was still stuck scanning this single folder but scanning different files every time. I could not find out whether these files keep repeating themselves in any way, but the search does switch sub-folders.

I did some research and this folder seems to be some Windows relict from earlier versions, a so-called "junction point" (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb968829%28VS.85%29.aspx), so I do not have any access whatsoever to this folder. It is just a shortcut, not an actual folder.

Now the question is: Is it a HerdProtect issue or is it my computer's issue and I have to tinker around with that folder, e.g. trying to obtain access to it or to delete it or stuff?


Asked Dec 27 '14 at 16:09
Same thing happens to me too, tested on different version of Windows (7,8 and 8.1) and on different machines, at least on 10 other machines, all versions after seem to have this problem (at least for me and my friends computers) Does anybody knows how to solve that, I need herdprotect in my life ... - Mike985 114 months ago
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I've the same problem...it gets stuck in program data folder..it takes a very long time to perform a scan (I had the impression it falls in a sort of loop), and it'a a pity because in my opinion Herd Protect is the most powerful multi engine cloud scanner on the market....but I cannot use it if it takes ages in doing a scan, then consider that normally it asks you to do another scan when the first one is finished, cause some files are not recognized and they need a further cloud analisys...I cannot afford to wait hours to do this.
Is there away to fix this?
Thanks for every clarification
Answered Dec 31 '14 at 13:14
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The same recursion problem here, scanning is stucked on it. As a workaround, I have removed "C:\Program Data\Application Data" and another localized version of the same.

The scan works now.

However this removal is significant and unrecommended change to Windows and there could be consequences to it, (unstability or crashes of windows). Cheaper option might be uninstalling/removing HerdProtect.

Answered Feb 5 '15 at 8:05
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