What is the InfoAtoms Highlightly Adware?

I am seeing banner and text link ads in my web browser with the term "Ads by Highlightly" under some really annoying and intrusive advertisements. Most are for Java updates and to download 'free' converters. herdProtect removed it however I would like to know what this did to my computer.
Asked Apr 25 '14 at 15:04
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Highlightly is an adware-based injection program that displays banner ads in your web browser. This adware program will analyze and record the browsing habits of the user and track the websites you visit as well as search results, translations and definitions and will highlight keywords or phrases in the HTML in order to inject targeted advertisements in  the form of shopping comparison, in-text link advertisements and coupons.

The software interacts with your computer and makes the following changes:
  • Modifys web browser settings in IE, Chrome and Firefox and lowers security settings.
  • Monitors and records the domain name of each webpage you view, the advertisements that appear on these pages, and the advertisements that are clicked on. 
  • Converts dozens of words on pages you view into hyperlinks that are linked to advertisements, mostly for unwanted software downloads including adware, spyware and other malware.
  • Communicates with the Highlightly servers to determine whether to insert advertising software from our third party publishers into the web pages you are viewing and, if so, to obtain and inject the software.
In addition, when a 3rd-party bundles this software you are basically agreeing to allow Highlighty to do this based on the Terms of Service (http://www.gethighlightly.com/terms-of-service.)

The following download managers install Highlighty through various insertion offers: 
  • Bechiro S.L. 
  • Download Manager (downloadwizard.com) 
  • SETUPPROCESS (downloadahsaequouzet.com) 
  • Firseria (downloadahsaequouzet.com) 
  • Apps Installer SL 
  • Download Admin (freedownloads.us.com) 
  • Full Spectrum Interactive (files4.fyzip.com)
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This is the same adware by the same company (out of La Jolla, CA) that makes the following web browser adware programs:
While the company states its office is at 5580 La Jolla Blvd. 511 La Jolla, Ca. 92037 (which is just a UPS Store mailbox), the company looks like it is in fact registered to INFOATOMS, INC. Infoatoms also lists another corporation as a key member of the company Web Application Technologies, Inc. and is run by and registered by Daniel J Pegg (listed as president).
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