Can techs use herdProtect?

Hey - I saw in your TOS it says:

"Unless otherwise specified, these Services are for your personal and non-commercial use."

If I'm running a computer repair shop, can I use herdProtect on a client's machine to remove malware from their system?


Asked Dec 23 '14 at 11:29
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Hi Ian,

Yes, you are free to distribute and use herdProtect for yourself and your clients/customers. The only limitations with herdProtect include not selling it or bundling it with other software.

Best of luck!
Answered Dec 23 '14 at 11:32
Interesting, thanks for the quick response. That answers my original question. My company, RepairTech, makes software for IT Professionals that automates the computer repair process. One of our products, TechWARU, has the ability to download and automate lots of different applications. It uses publicly available URL's to download the application for the tech, and then runs it for them, gets the results from the log and puts it in a report. This allows them to run through all the tools on their checklist without having to click "Next", "Finish", and "Remove". Right now, they'd be able to manually add HerdProtect to our software themselves using our "Custom App" functionality, but I'm curious to see if you guys care if we just enable them to download and run it from your website by default. You can learn more about us here: Curious to see what you think, Ian - thai510 115 months ago
Please feel free to allow them, or your app to download herdProtect directly from our site. - JohnS 115 months ago
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