"shopperz" virus

hey guys, i have "shopperz" virus/malware on my computer, and yes i know where it's located.

but with every way i tried, i cant remove it out.
with Safe mode, command prompt, regedit, antivirus, antispyware software etc, nope can't. 
And yes there is only 1 user account in pc, is Admin. (yet it tells me Admin should let me to remove them, when I try)

you can find the files in this site (herdprotect) , that "shopperz" folder has.
" csrcc.exe, garrus.dll, mseff32.dll, nfregdrv64.exe, nseven.exe, prc64.exe, prexec.exe " and 3 more that I cant delete as well.

Only I could do is stopping its service(s) somehow. So I think there isn't any place on my computer as infected, but hell I can't delete that folder.

Any idea/help?
Asked Feb 1 '15 at 15:32
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1 Answer

so i have removed that folder by using "minixp" with boot cd, but its record still stands in registry (that i cant delete again) and i cant see that by using minixp to delete as well
Answered Feb 6 '15 at 6:32
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