Virus and Hacking Tools.exe

Herd Protect was unable to remove any suggestions? Tried 3 times c/w computer restart.
Share Edited on Oct 9 '14 at 1:59
Asked Oct 9 '14 at 1:59
Are you certain you checked the box to remove the malware after it was found? A few do not automatically remove, we have to check them. these are ones that are questionable, and new. they may be legit to a program or other source. - Dee 118 months ago
I was sure to check the box, however you raise a salient point. We sometimes assume that the item is already marked for deletion or removal by default when in fact it may not be. Since that time I have come across a number of others that herdProtect was unable to uninstall or remove. - Paul Gordon 116 months ago
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